About Us

What is ChicChic?

ChicChic is the world’s first social beauty & wellness marketplace. It is a social platform that allows customers and beauty professionals to interact with one another by posting visual content and asking questions about beauty & wellness. Whilst on the other hand ChicChic is a booking platform, which we are working hard to implement by adding an easy-to-use booking flow so that users on our platform could browse for services and seamlessly book them all in one place without having to jump from platform to platform.

We have identified that managing multiple social media and booking platforms at the same time consumes a lot of time for beauticians and makes it hard for users to find and book services they desire. Therefore, we have designed a social booking platform specifically for beauty & wellness, a single place where users can interact with one another, browse through beauty content and book those same services in just a few clicks without having to leave our app and book those services elsewhere.

Simplifying Beauty

Our idea was born with a simple goal to make beauty more accessible to everyone!

Our research and the digital gaps we have identified within the beauty industry showed us how important it is to solve many problems this industry is facing by bringing more innovative digital solutions.

Our mission is to reinvent and simplify beauty by making people with similar interests more connected and allowing them to express their identities easily and safely in any way they like.

Our supporters

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