Khizar ⚡️a year ago

Any good recommendations for products that can help with an oily face?

Thanks in-advance :)

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    Iloa year ago

    As Alice said! Make sure to wash your face preferably morning and night with a gentle cleanser and moisturize properly! That way your skin will learn that it doesn't have to produce as much oil anymore. This also works for hair! Washing it less often will "train" your hair to be less greasy. I hope this helps ❤️

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    Alicea year ago

    Though it may sound contradictory to apply moisturizers to oily skin, it is a helpful product. Moisturizers keep your skin hydrated and prevent it from producing excess sebum. Are you looking for specific products? I can recommend something from Korean skincare for you! Blotting paper is also a good option for you to get rid of your mid-day greasy appearance.

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    Gaba year ago

    Apart from what others have already said. Oilyness problems can be improved by adding an acid baded serum (BHA or AHA). The most common BHA is Salicylic acid (the one from The Ordinary is pretty good if you need a suggestion). Salicylic acid also helps with blackheads. As to the AHA they exfoliate the dead skin cells and increase cell turnover. If you’re not too sensitive Glycolic acid is the way to go (again TO have a great one at 8% concentration) if your skin is sensitive then you should try a gentler AHA such as lactic which has a bigger molecule compared to glycolic acid hence it doesn’t penetrate as deep and causes less irritation.

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