Iloa year ago

How to make new Doc Martens comfortable to wear?

I bought some barely worn Doc Martens and right now they hurt a lot to wear. Especially the seams at the back of my heels are painful. Does anyone have any tips for making them more comfortable to wear?

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    Liutauras Mazonasa year ago

    Depends on the material, and whether you are okay if they become a bit scratched.. It will sound funny but you can oil them and heat with the hairdryer and then use a hammer with a sock on to hit the areas that need to expand and become softer… Another option is oil them, heat the areas that need to expand and put on 3 socks on or more and wear them at home, its all about heating carefully and bending/moulding the areas that are hard around your foot. The best part is that after a few months these will become your most comfortable shoes and literally invincible against any weather conditions! Good luck 🥳

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    orlaa year ago

    I've heard there's socks out there you can buy designed for breaking in doc martens that are great! I haven't tried myself but heard positive things :)

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